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Chaonang Ultimate Velvet Lip for all skin tone

Get ready for a color shades of Chaonang Ultimate Velvet Lip

Today my beauty cosmetics will be self-confidence the women to best item of velvet lip for influencer and actually customer for a long time who velvet it’s provided full coverage mount color lines and smooth texture with high pigments color.


We will share the beauty women item have 5 color shades of Thai name product for Ultimate Velvet Lip and how to make you feel better.

” Chaonang Ultimate Velvet Lip ” The product is a new arrival in a velvet lipstick-type tint that is a beauty item cosmetic for the women’s fashion who a great choice for your decision purchase for all skin tone and provide intense color pigment to the comfortable color shade that glides on smoothly finish look.


5 best colors lip are the best shades according to the beauty recommendations that has an ingredient of both argan oil from an organic farm and rice bran oil from Morocco.

The products have a full extract of Vitamin E to help care for a soft texture and long-lasting moisture.


Chaonang Ultimate Velvet lip 5 Color Shades for today we will share idea for K. Bunny.Guitar influencer review who love the product of Chaonang Ultimate Velvet Lip that to tell more with other people.

 5 color shades can be applied at every situation for the all-skin shades.


01 Chanwad

” Pink sweet color shade for smoothly mouth lines and natural finish look “


 02 Sida

” Red wine shade to bright skin and luxury finish looks “


 03 Dala

” Red cherry shade for sexy finish look “


 04 Kasalong

” Nood shade for your get all looks brighten up every day “


 05 Bulan

” The brick orange shade to confident women like working women”

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