5 Beauty products semi-matte velvet lip collection

Chaonang semi-matte velvet lip. You’ll probably end up using every single day that after you know cosmetic products Thai brand including  5 shades of semi-matte velvet lip texture. Everyday routine offers several ranges with different effects of the make-up result that improve your self-confidence for each situation like working, dinner time with someone or each other moment.

chaonang semi-matte velvet lip

The meaning of beauty in self-confident women and self-image beauty each day is to apply semi-matte velvet lipstick  which semi-matte velvet lip describes some of the feeling and lifestyle every mood, every day out, fun evening, or night.

The product semi-matte velvet lip are create about formula healthy skin and organic ingredient of both Argan oil and rice bran oil make the product do not cause irritation to the skin (Sensitve skin can use them)

chaonang semi-matte velvet lip

Get ready for the 5 soft color shade of Chaonang semi-matte velvet lip it’s provided full coverage mount color line and smooth-feeling lip with high pigments color with a matte finish including
01  Chanwad: Pure Pink sweet color lip for add a natural look beautiful sense with sweet candy everyday cool tone makeup. 
02 Sida: Red wine for every skin tone and a lot of compliment on this lipstick to look amazing giving the brightening facial skin. 

semi-matte velvet lip

03 Dala: Red cherry is a bright red to cool undertone with perfect blend of nature red and beautiful women.
04 Kasalong: Orange nude lip for summer that resembles a vivid candy for brighten up your makeup complexion.
05 Bulan: Pretty good brick orange, this shade for warm undertone and add a famous color to your everyday makeup routine. 

If you’re looking add item beauty Chaonang semi-matte velvet lip is the best cosmetics for this time!!
Chaonang products including velvety texture lip set for 5 color shade, powder foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil,
foundation  and other products in the future that sure to complement a wide rage of all skin tones.

Thank you so much Cr. Laywa for sharing your experience with us

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