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” Chaonang Diamond Translucent Powder “

The best recommences for translucent loose setting powder.

Chaonang Diamond Translucent Powder creates for a special lightweight texture and breathable.

Translucent loose setting powder of formula which understand customer needs and achieves a target goal for more quality ingredients.

The product has provided the brightening skin levels and effectively sets cream and makeup all the day.


Translucent Powder


Chaonang Diamond Translucent Powder

                There is a providing a smooth natural look effective and better wrinkle coverage from the light scattering process of diamond powder ingredient and absorbs excess facial oil by Japan technology (Jellification) to help flawless skin and long-lasting natural-finish makeup for 24 Hour wear.


Translucent Powder

The main ingredients of Chaonang Diamond Teanslucent Powder include HYAURONIC ACID, SILICA, TALC, MICA, and DIAMOND POWDER.

All of these substances work together to efficiently generate an ingredient that helps tighten skin and blurred pores.

In addition, the product is the best items  for wrinkles, premature aging, that turn skin into healthy skin and helping the skin to keep a natural moisture to the best item for all skin types.


Translucent Powder


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